~ The Blazing Circle ~

Ritual Performed By,

~ S. Ben Qayin ~

​​Ascend In The Firery Light Of Lucifer !​​
​​Freedom Awaits !​​
On the last night of each month, I have been evoking mighty 'Lucifer; The Light Bringer' within my personal ritual chamber for the purpose of Protection, Enlightenment and Spiritual Ascent for each coming new month. I have personally worked with Lucifer for many years, and received revealing gnosis about myself and reality. He has illuminated my spiritual path in many ways, both internally and externally and has protected me in my darkest hours. He truly has been my guiding light as I continue to ascend spiritually.

Each month I lay out Lucifer's sigils upon the land, light temple incense and evoke Him into my black scrying mirror, so that I may be at one with Him. I then write my name upon a small piece of consecrated parchment paper in dragon's blood ink and burn it in 'The Blazing Circle' cauldron, so he may ingest the smoke and bless me with His Protection, Enlightenment and Spiritual Ascent. 

I now open the gates to my personal monthly ritual with Lucifer, to all who wish to participate in this glorious rite of ascent. I will now personally write out each individual's name in dragon's blood ink, speak their name and then burn their personal concecrated parchment paper in 'The Blazing Circle' as I do my own before Lucifer. I will ask that Lucifer grant His Protection, Enlightenment and Spiritual Ascent not only onto myself, but also onto each and everyone who joins me in this beautiful ritual. Each month I will record the ritual and send a secret link via email to each participant so they may enjoy it at their leisure.

Because I believe this amazing rite should be accessible to all, the price shall not be the normal $497.00...but an unbelieveable $19.97. Or for those who wish to experience this ritual every month for a year, there is the yearly membership of only $220.00 (get one month free !). I invite you all to participate in this amazing ritual with me month after month to commune with Lucifer Himself and have Him be ever present in our lives.

Join me in my monthly rite of puification and protection, of ascent and Luciferian gnosis.

This Month's Ritual Will Be Held On 1/31 !

Be one with Lucifer and let Him take you under His wings of glorious ascent...