~ Sorsha Runarius ~ 

As a black magician, I am limitless by refusing to bind myself to one magical tradition. Instead, I have chosen to delve into the core currents of magic, and commune with the spirits intuitively. My intense immersion into many different forms of magick, spanning over 10yrs of study, has enabled me to find the most effective means, to get solid results.

My magical areas of specialty include; ‘Goetic Magic’, ‘Enochian Magic’, ‘Sexual Sorcery’, working with ‘Death Currents’, and ‘Harnessing the Power of the Abyss’. 

I am delighted to offer a number of services here, as my goal is to better equip and empower others, so they may take control of all areas of their lives. In this way, we each shape and create the world and reality we truly desire. 

Once you book your ritual with me I will contact you personally within 48 hours to schedule a time for a 30-minute consultation where we will discuss your specific needs, goals, and desires. However, I reserve the personal right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason I deem. 

​Please check out my offered rites below...

​​Video Chat Consultations...
I offer one hour, one on one video consultations where all magical subjects are on the table for discussion. Techniques, philosophies and all manner of occult topics are open to speak of freely. Video consultations are held through Skype, MSN Messenger or Google Hangouts. I look forward to speaking with you !

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Enochian Quantum Hacks...
Enochian Magick is a technology that enables one to ‘hack’ cosmic and quantum DNA—the very building block of creation.  By using sound/vibration, sacred geometry and phonetics, I take this practice to levels not seen before.
Most people have encountered the Enochian Magical system in RHP circles. However, I feel that approach does not do the system proper justice, by limiting its true potential. 

Contrary to popular belief, one must not be ‘holy’ and recite long orations to commune with these beings. This is false. These higher intelligences, are not at all like ‘angels’ that have been described.  Regardless of belief or paradigm, when the  Enochian language is spoken or sung aloud with true Intent, magic occurs.
I have constructed a ritual that connects the client to the Sigillum Dei Aemeth (the Sigil of Truth). By singing the Keys or Calls in Enochian, I funnel those powerful forces and energies into the client’s life by fusing the client’s energy systems (chakras and cosmic DNA) to that of the Enochian Angels. The Enochian Language is said to be encoded into our very DNA…therefore, by singing, chanting and intoning it, we have a way in which to affect change on these levels within, and without.

Recipients of this rite have reported feeling shifts in their immediate environment, and received ‘downloads’ of information, a sort of pure stream of consciousness that they later must meditate on and interpret. Results manifest as abilities previously dormant waiting for activation, such as heightened sensitivity to both spiritual and physical things, and downloads of information streaming into conscious awareness. 

While this ritual is done remotely, I am also willing to do this particular rite live with a client via video chat, as I believe it particularly effective to experience the Enochian words and vibrations, and “feel” it for best effect.  In the rite I will also evoke the essence of the client, to align them with the currents and entities present, and embed them into their being. 

I have stripped away the restricting dogma of the Enochian Magical system, to make it more accessible to those who may otherwise be put-off by the Judeo/Christian packaging in which it was fist delivered by John Dee and Edward Kelley (Talbot).  
This rite enhances the clients ‘wireless connection’ to the Universe. I have come to understand and compare the Enochian Magical system to a quantum supercomputer, where the different aspects and magical workings are equated to programs and software interacting on multi-dimensional levels simultaneously, causing change on many different levels in the client’s reality in unison.

Enochian Magick deals with the underlying structure and mechanics of reality. When unboxed from religion and dogma, it is well suited for the magician of all shades.

If one so desires to unlock these particular forces in their life; these higher intelligences, then I will gladly assist them…

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Custom Dark Witchery...
Do you need a specific magical end result ? One that is not common or that needs to be tailored specially for your unique situation ?

I offer custom built magical rites to assist in what you personally require. Whereas my other rites are more specific, these custom rites are created for you, to assist in all manner of things…Here we find the magick of the wild-wood, swamp-witch, sea-hag, hedge-witch and hoodoo queen…I connect to generations of those who have gone before and practiced a craft authentic and meaningful. 

Utilizing ancient magical wisdom from lost centuries and assimilating it with modern techniques and understanding, I harness and wield powerful natural alchemical forces to enact change in the material world to benefit all who desire it.

Come to my cottage, sit near the hearth and share with me your desires…I shall listen within and construct a spell, charm, poppet, oil, candle, conjure, cauldron-work or remedy for your unique situation…
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Vampiric Jars Of Destruction And Bane...
These jars of destruction and ruin, are an astral graveyard…what goes into them, withers and dies…
Rites of death and destruction are a powerful way to release things which no longer serve, whether it be habits or circumstance. Vengeance, hatred and anger are very powerful emotions, capable of causing catastrophic and final result. 

I prepare each jar specially for every new and unique case I receive. The jars are decorated with the proper seals, spirit sigils and curses needed to cause the desired end result. Once the rite is over, the malificent jars are buried on sacred ground consecreated to the spirit of death.

Within these jars of affliction, I place malefic herbs, flowers, tinctures and other draining and destructive essences, along with any issues, situations, names or habits of the client that need to die or be removed from their path of ascent. The Jars will then both drain the essence of the situation and also create links with the places and entities I have anchored them to. These Jars of bane are worked with in conjunction with the evocation of baneful and vampiric spirits best suited to the task. I channel these demonic forces, and that of others, in order to battle an enemy, or put rest to a situation. 

If you want things removed, their hold lessened, or at other times want to unleash things onto others, these Vampiric Jars of Death and Bane, and the currents associated with them, are unmatched in Intent and purpose.

The ability to purge something from your life is extremely cathartic, I enjoy seeing others burn away the dross, in order to clear the path forward on their spiritual ascent.

This is the kind of destruction that allows one to rebuild after injury.  It also has the finality of the grave, that cold calmness that settles in once all is put to rest. 

Do not ask for this rite unless you truly wish to remove the circumstances in question, without remorse.
Vampiric Jars of Death and Bane are places where things go to die, choose wisely…

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The Claiming Of The Dark Throne...
This ritual is designed to help the magician step fully into their core personal power. I believe we each have inherent unlimited potential within us.  However, most only tap into a small fraction of that limitless power.  While of course there are physical ‘restrictions’, we as humans abide by in the physical world, the fact remains we have access to unlimited, unfiltered and raw power, it is our birthright. Therefore, I have created this ritual to bring about a powerful change within the magician.
Through this rite, I anchor the magician’s essence in the Abyss of the Sitra Ahra. Through energy manipulation, I strengthen the psychic cords between their physical and energy bodies. I then open a magical gateway into the Abyss, using my own blood as sacrifice and pluck the cosmic threads, finding the magician’s resonance. Once located, I then fan the Black Flame within their core, anchoring part of their essence within the Abyss while simultaneously tethering it into the physical world, creating a strong link for them to magically pull from.

This ritual allows for the magician to root themselves within the Abyss, and pull its essence into their life allowing for stronger magical results to manifest within their personal practice.

I have made this journey myself, and it changed me forever.  As a result, my magick is more effective, and the certainty and confidence with which I wield it, is now absolute. Not only does the magician experience these effects, but also take on what is known as a ‘Kingship Mentality’.  This has to do with one’s command bearing and authority in which one walks in this world.  This can be very beneficial in many circumstances, including increased confidence and authority over one’s reality, manipulating their world with strength and power.

Since this is an act of Kingship, I will construct a parchment - paper scroll, upon which is listed the Creed and 13 Precepts of the Dark Throne and Abyss. This elegant document is a reminder of the mentality you will better learn to recognize and wield. This piece is suitable for framing and hanging on your temple wall. Shipping outside the USA may require extra payment. 

​I work with each client on a personal basis, listening and assessing their unique situation, and offer practical techniques and solutions to implement in order to create the most effective ritual possible. Ultimately the purpose of this ritual is to strengthen the magician in the physical world by empowering them in the spiritual. It is to allow them to walk powerfully in this world, while removing limits not aligned with their empire and true being...​

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Activating And Operating In The Demonic...
​​Through working closely with demons in magic, their essence and traits often incorporate themselves into the lives of magicians. I believe we each have access not only to the demons that exist outside ourselves, but also within.  Much like plucking a string on an instrument, these demonic parts of us awaken and are incorporated into our consciousness, until we assimilate and merge.  By opening these demonic gateways into the world and into ourselves, frequencies activate within, allowing for true demonic assimilation to occur.
Through the intense demonic guidance of Azazel and Belial, I assist the seeking magician achieve a greater understanding of themselves, by evoking and bringing out the demonic within them. This enables them to consciously connect and operate from the ‘Demonic Spectrum’.

This rite is a multilevel evocation, pact and possession, if you choose it. I will prepare and send a scroll upon which is a custom sigil of power, harnessing 72 Goetic forces into your life, as well as formalizing the alignment between you and these entities.  Instructions will be included for what you must do on your end. Shipping outside the USA may require extra payment. 

Anyone can evoke, invoke or become aligned or possessed by demons and other entities, though many don’t know they already come with legions built-in, ready to awaken.  Everything operates at certain frequencies, by tuning the magician to these inner frequencies, they feel a shift of consciousness that may manifest as a feeling of another being peering out through their eyes…or added to their consciousness—though added is a subjective word…more akin to harmonized within them. Other reported effects include, enhanced and heightened senses and magical abilities and deeper understanding of the demonic. It can be a primal experience at times, and yet one of enlightened refinement. I ‘call-out’ the spiritual gold, and reaffirm it into being, in a way that is more perceptible within this world. Through this ritual, I better connect the magician to the demonic essence that lies deep within them…

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Now Only ~ $247.00