~ S. Ben Qayin ~ 


As a Chaos Magician, I have researched and practiced various traditional forms of magic throughout my lengthy course of esoteric study, although found early on that magic was a thread that was woven though all things, and so was drawn to more personalized magical philosophy of Chaos Magic from a young age. ​​

Chaos Magic or ‘Fringe Magic’ as I refer to it is not new; it is simply a category or term created to encompass scientific magic or magic that deals with dimensions, non-human intelligences and work that questions the basis of ‘reality’, and how to manipulate it. This can be classified as experimental magic if you will, teetering on the edge of the Abyss of Creation.
I hold the belief that magic is not ‘magical’, that it does not ‘just happen’, nor is it ‘miraculous’, I see it as a scientific system based on a process humanity has yet to fully understand scientifically. This is based on my theory that people do not fully realize the base structure of the reality in which they are currently residing, and that they have yet to understand all the rules of the ‘Consensual Reality Matrix', and therefore do not entirely understand or utilize their personal energy and influence within it.

I view magic as the manipulation of personal energy to restructure or influence the ‘Consensual Reality Matrix’ to conform with the 'Intent' of the magician. As with all energy, I believe magic can be harnessed and directed, spirits and entities can be contacted, and change can be made manifest within the personal ‘grid’ of the magician. I believe the program can awaken, and become the user…”

​I have authored and published, five classic occult grimoires: 

​"Volubilis Ex Chaosium", "The Book of Smokeless Fire", "The Black Book of Azathoth", "Harab-Serapel; Ravens of the Burning God" and "Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones".


I have also been in such occult publications as, Edgar Kerval's "Qliphoth" I, II and IV. Gabriel McCoughry's "Pillars I; Psycopompos", and Become A Living God's "Anothology of Sorcery" II and III. 

Once you book your ritual with me, I will contact you personally within 48 hours to schedule a time for a 30-minute consultation, where we will discuss your specific needs, goals, and desires. However, I reserve the personal right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason I deem. 

Please check out my offered rites below…

Video Chat Consultations...
I offer one hour, one on one video consultations where all magical subjects are on the table for discussion. Techniques, philosophies and all manner of occult topics are open to speak of freely. Video consultations are held through Skype, MSN Messenger or Google Hangouts. I look forward to speaking with you !

​~ $75.00

​Video Chat Tarot Readings...
I offer an hour long tarot reading where we look into the complexities of your life and where it is going. Tarot is an ancient art, there have been any ways throughout history to utilize the link the system has with the personal reality of the magician. I have devised a card spread titled ‘Semita Pondera Chaosium’ (Path of Balanced Chaos), which utilizes the major arcana cards in a personal powerful and proven system of divination.Video tarot readings are held throgh Zoom Conferecing or MSN Messenger. I look forward to speaking with you !

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​New ! Five Card Spread To Answer One Question !
Using My Ancient Egyptian Tarot Deck, I Work With The Major Arcana Cards As An Oracle Of Divination !

If You Have A Question, This Is A Great Way To Get And In-Depth Answer Directly  From The Universe/Reality Itself.

In The 20 Minute Video Chat Session, We Talk Face To Face And Ask The Cards For Counsel To See The Answer To Your Burning Question !

I Have Been A Medium For The Tarot For Over 21 Years, And Have Built A Strong Relationship With My Egyptian Tarot Deck, It Has Always Read True !

If You Would Like To Consult With The Universe And Get An In-Depth Answer To Your Question, Book Now !

Space Is An Issue, So Make Sure To Book Now To Reserve Your Spot !
​~ $19.97
*** New ~ Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing !
*** The Ancient Art Of Crystal Gazing Has Returned !

Crystal Gazing Has Been A Powerful Source Of Divination For Centuries. Being A Core Magical System For Magical Cultures Around The World Including, The Druids, Incans, Egyptians And The Persians. As Well, The Crystal Ball Was Often Used As A Source Of Spiritual Communication By Edward Kelley And John Dee, To Divine What Are Known As The “Enochian Angels”.

Utilizing Techniques From The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, Enochian Magic, Abramelin The Mage And My Own Magical Traditions, I Have Designed A System Of Divination Using My Personal Vintage Crystal Ball From The 1920’s !
Similar To Working With The Tarot System, I Tap Into The Realm Of The Akashic Records Where I Am Able To ‘See’ Into One’s Present And Future Timelines, Reveling Hidden Aspects And Visions Of Their Life And Circumstances ! With This, One Can Have A Deeper Insight Of Their Problems And How To Navigate, Avoid Or Destroy Them !

Working With The Crystal Ball Requires An Enormous Amount Of Concentration And Focus, It Is Not A Skill One Normally Picks Up The First Time. I Have Worked With My Crystal Ball For The Last Decade, Fine Tuning This Skill To Get The Best Possible Results !

Several Options Are Available With This Exclusive Offer:

~ General Reading; Looking Into Your Life In General, Seeing Any Obstacles And How To Navigate Them.

~ Special Circumstance; Ask About A Specific Situation And All Details Surrounding It.

~ Spirit Evocation; Where I Conjure A Spirit Into The Crystal Ball To Communicate With It About A Situation At Your Request.

Now For The First Time, I Offer This Exclusive Service To The Public To Have At Your Fingertips !

Get The Answers You Are Seeking Now !
Introductory Price Of Only $197.00 !

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*** NEW – The Rite Of Unblocking All Blocked Paths Of Opportunity !

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*** Bring In The New Year With A Change In Your Life For The Better !

There Are Times In One’s Life When We Feel Trapped, Unable To Move Forward – Stagnant...No Matter What Is Tried, What Effort Is Given, What Venture Undertaken, You Just Can’t Seem To Get The Door Of Opportunity To Open For You...

This Rite Is Designed To Remove The Barriers That Lie Between You And Ascent In The Material World. It Is Designed To Give Those Aspiring To Get To ‘The Top’, The Upper Hand And Advantage Needed To Reach Their Desired Goals.
Focusing On The Three Main Areas Of Material Ascent – ‘Financial Security’ – ‘Social Recognition’ – ‘Expansion Of Ideas’ I Work Closely With Spirits Who Specialize In Assisting People In Such Matters Of Material Success. I Personally Undertake This Rite At Regular Intervals Throughput The Year, To Clear Any Unwanted Material Obstacles From My Own Path, So As To Make Life Smoother And Allow Doors Of New Opportunity To Open For Me.

Now You Too Have Access To This Powerful Rite To Start Your New Year Off Right !

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Magical Apprentice Course !
*** Now Save 25% Off Your First Month !
Many magicians don’t wish to have rituals performed for them, they want to take the reigns and do it themselves !
However, many are either new to the path of magic, not knowing where to begin, or are seasoned magicians who wish to learn new techniques and philosophies.
Therefore, I have created an apprentice program that has been in place for years, that has greatly helped magicians get to the next spiritual level they are seeking in their personal magical practice.
Set in a relaxed atmosphere, we sit down one on one, face to face once a week through video chat and discuss:
~ Magical Philosophy; The Mechanics of Reality
~ General Magical Technique; How to Apply Magical Concepts
~ Secret Magical Techniques; My Personal Magical Techniques and     Secrets Including Tarot Magic, Pacts and More !
In this course, nothing is off limits, every magical secret is told, all on the table in an easy to understand format and relaxed atmosphere designed for practicing magicians, or for those to be magicians about to take their first step into the Arte Magical !
Knowing how magic works, and the reality and mechanics behind it are very valuable assets to any magician. Having a ‘Roadmap of Reality’ is something all magicians need to have to go forward in their craft with certainty, where guess work is eliminated !
In this apprentice program we meet up once a week for two hours, for four weeks ! So, every week we sit down for two hours face to face and discuss magical philosophy and technique via video chat, and focus on the magical areas you need to work on.
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~ $747.00

New Astral Energy Centering Ritual  !
There are times in one’s life where roadblocks appear on the path to spiritual ascent, that just can’t be worked around. Oftentimes these roadblocks come in the form of external situations, be it people, events or circumstance. However, sometimes we are looking so hard on the ‘Outside’ for the cause of our troubles, that we forget to look ‘Within’, where energetic or Universal Spiritual Blockages can occur.

Universal Spiritual Blockages are like energy blockages that occur in the physical body’s chakras, that must be energetically worked out so one’s Universal Energy can flow smoothly and be re-centered/balanced.

It is vastly important that we are balanced spiritually internally, as well as externally as we ourselves create our reality.
“All things in physical reality arise from this spiritual reality...by meditating and venturing deep into the psyche one arrives in an inner world that turns out to envelope, surround, or contain that which at first was outer and visible.” ~ Mystic teaching

However, Universal Spiritual Blockages occur in one’s Astral Body, not their physical. Therefore, I have developed a new and powerful energetic working that taps into ones Astral Body and locates the spiritual blockages, so they may be removed.
This procedure is done by first giving the client a full tarot reading, allowing me to see the areas in one’s life that need to be spiritually realigned/balanced. Once done, I draw out their body in salt and apply powerful symbology over key energetic regions on the astral body that correlate with the physical body. I then clear the area with purifying sage and personally employ my own energy and Intent to work energy from the lower peritoneal region on the astral form, up to the ‘Third Eye’ or Crown, removing all Spiritual Universal Blockages. While this is being performed, the client also undergoes a secret spiritual procedure on their end to complete the energetic circuit and connection. After the rite, I supply the client with their tarot diagnosis and explain the energetic healing/re-balancing that has been done.

Universal Spiritual Blockages can happen to those who least expect it, it can prevent them from reaching the spiritual levels of ascent that they strive for but cannot obtain. This rite removes these unwanted restrictions and lets one fly free to reach the spiritual goals they long for in life.

Book Now To Balance Your Astral Body !

​Now Only ~ $247.00

The Dying Of The Light...​​
This rite is designed to assist the client in releasing their Judeo/Christian dogma, by calling upon the Thaumiel to extinguish the Holy Light within them and embrace ‘The Black Sun’ in its place. This allows the client to be fully immersed within the current and energies of the Left Hand Path, giving them full access to the spirits aligned to the Darkness of the Sitra Ahra.

“…if a man walks in the path of evil, which is Satan, then he chops and separates his soul from the supernal soul…” ~ ‘Sod ‘Ets’ ha-Da’ath; The Secret of the Tree of Knowledge’

Extinguishing the Holy Light is a huge step for the client to take, whether they have already been practicing black magic or not. They must fully comprehend the ramifications of such an unholy and permanent act. When the client decides to extinguish the Holy Light within them, they are severing all connection to the Godhead and all that it encompasses. Undertaking the rite of the ‘Unholy Resurrection’ or ‘Black Baptism’, is truly the act of the client ritualistically killing their ‘Holy Self’, by extinguishing the ‘Holy Light’ within, leaving a hollow void (as Da’ath itself), and then resurrecting as their ‘Unholy Self’, born again into Darkness. The Black Sun is ignited and kindled to burn brilliantly within, in place of the ‘Holy Light’.

I perform this rite by calling upon the Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones in magical ritual. They are the fallen angels of the Qliphothic sphere sharing the same name. They themselves separated from the Holy Light and are pleased to assist in this ‘Black Baptism’, though I also offer my blood as sacrifice in their honor. The magical procedure is intense, and not for the weak or hesitant. While in ritual, the client also goes through a series of magical operations, of which I give full instruction in the consultation accompanying the ritual.  
The rite of the Unholy Resurrection is one of the most powerful rites I have ever personally undertaken. It is personal on the deepest of levels. Aligning one’s energy in its entirety to the Black Sun, is the biggest commitment a black magician must make in their lives. It shatters all Judeo/Christian dogma into oblivion and allows for the individual to explore their reality without constraint/restraint.

If you wish to stand as a dark god, shed your religious dogma and master your reality, then book this ritual now !

 ​~ $247.00 

The Wrath Of Iblis And The 'Taw-All' Djinn...
Iblis…Shaitan, The First Opposer, the one to first speak out against Order. The first to say ‘No, I reject the reality I am being presented and forced into’. He is a figure head, a mask, an anthropomorphic face for the raw energy of Chaos. Iblis is the Father…He is Lucifer, Satan, Samael, Shaitan, The Dark Lord. Iblis can be accessed by all who have a deeper understanding of the multiple faces of Chaos. He is an ancient source who has many applications to the Black Magician. He is commander of the sinister clan of the ‘Taw-All’ Djinn.

“And so, Iblis left his station of slavery and raged across the Earth in search of those who had chosen the ‘Crooked Path’ of Darkness from among the Djinn…”.

“And indeed, Iblis did find them…and assembled an army of seventy-two of the most blood thirsty Djinn that had ever roamed the Earth.” ~ ‘The Book of Smokeless Fire’

This ritual is designed to summon forth Iblis; The Dark Father, into my ritual chamber so I may commune with Him. I then ask Him to suggest an infernal Djinn from His army to apply to a client’s enemy. The Djinn that are to be brought forth are of the purest, blackest, manifestations of Chaos that there are. They are of their own reality. Chaos is pure potential, unbounded by any restraint. And while this is a positive aspect of this undefined force, there is also the side of it that is of pure destruction. That side has no understanding of mercy, no thought of restraint or remorse. This is what the Djinn of the clan of Taw-All encompass in all their infernal might. Once a Djinn is selected, a blood sacrifice is then offered to them for their assistance in afflicting the client’s chosen enemy. Depending on the Djinn selected for the task, there are countless ways they cause harm to their target.

There are 72 of the most powerful and destructive Djinn within Shaitan’s army. The Djinn here are to be set free to attack the client’s enemy. By releasing these beings upon one’s enemy, they are releasing spiritual cut-throat mercenaries unto their foe.

If there is an enemy you feel deserves such a fate as described above, book this ritual now !

Now Only ~ $247.00 !
The Pact Of Nyarlathotep...
The Soul of The Great Old Ones…The Messenger…The Crawling Chaos. Nyarlathotep is the all-encompassing Unholy Spirit of His reality made manifest unto men, in the form of a man. ‘The Son of Azathoth’, ‘God of Chaos’, ‘King of Kings’, ‘The Alpha and The Omega’…”I Am The Last”.

Nyarlathotep is the dark messenger and soul of The Great Old Ones that began to contact H.P. Lovecraft through dream visions in 1920.
“…out of the abysses between the stars swept chill currents that made men shiver in dark and lonely places".
I have had my own encounters with this Dark Soul, and received the following message while in deep ritual working with Him, while writing “The Black Book of Azathoth”,
“I am Nyarlathotep, I come onto this new world to spread my message of awakening and ascension upon the many, upon the sleeping herds of those who would worship and kneel before dead gods. I bring to you a new way, born from an ancient path that extends beyond the ignorant and lost histories of humankind. I stand here before you in tangible human form, reinvisioned for a new millennium.  I have shed my skin and taken on a new stronger and powerful form, to walk this earth in defiance of the oppression that consumes all those who could be free, but choose unknowingly to embrace slavery. I extend my hand to raise you up, to bring you true enlightenment and clear your vision of lies that bind and blind.  Come with me, for I am Nyarlathotep…” ~ ‘Message Received 2016’
This ritual is designed to pact ‘Those who walk in twilight’ to the immense power of Nyarlathotep. To awaken them to this new era of mankind so they may walk with the greatness of a dark pharoh

This bond fully initiates one into the magical current 23, which is of ‘The Great Old Ones’. Once the pact is performed, one has the ability to have full contact and connection with these ancient inter-dimensional beings/spirits and be as family to them.
If you travel the path of the ‘In-between’ and want to take your magic to deeper levels with Nyarlathotep and the Great Old Ones, then book this pact now !

​~ $247.00
Necromancy Of The Fallen Angels !

Do You Need To Contact The Dead ?

Utilizing the ancient power of the Fallen Angels known as the Watchers, I tap into the phantasmal realm of the Dead and connect with those now passed.

The Watchers were an order of mighty angels once tasked to look over the race of human kind. They fell in love and lust with the daughters of men and materialized to be with them. They taught humanity the secret magical arts and sciences that were forbidden knowledge, and for this they were cast out of their heavenly stations. Each Fallen Angel has a specific set of magical teachings and techniques unique to them. I evoke those associated with Necromancy to aid me in my undertaking.

By way of powerful evocation of certain Watchers, blood sacrifice and utilizing ancient arcane magical tools, I bring forth those once living into my ritual chamber.

Working with an ancient crystal ball, a wand ritualistically cut from a gallows tree in England, and a 300 year old coffin nail pendulum, I bring forth the Dead to communicate their lost messages from beyond the grave. 

 ~ $247.00

Spiritual Pacts...

Do You Need More Than A Magical Spell To Assist You In Your Material Goals ?

Pacts work much like spells, as they assist in changing one’s reality for their benefit. However, with a pact, a deeper connection with the evoked spirit is established and nurtured to do this. Many believe that pacts are stronger than normal spells, as they are an intimate connection with the spirit and thus stronger results are seen. Pacting for one’s goals is an effective way to have a spirit work with you to achieve your desired results.

My two-party method of pacting has been proven to be very effective, as I have done the same technique for years with continued success. I walk you through every step and clearly explain all that is involved on your end, as I perform my special evocation and sacrifice on your behalf. Together we combine our magic and complete the pact with the chosen spirit that best fits the goal needed to be accomplished.

Contrary to popular cultural belief, pacts with most spirts are not for life or eternity. As well, pacts do not require you to ‘Sell Your Soul’. A pact is an agreement between you and a spirit to work together to accomplish the set goal. Once that goal has ben achieved the pact is mutually broken and the spirit retired from the cause. What must be understood however, is that you must work as hard on the physical plane toward your goal, as the spirit does for you on the spiritual plane. This is the pact, as well as a few other things which will be discussed in detail after the booking of the rite.

There are however pacts that are for life and thereafter. These types of pacts are generally conducted with spirits such as Lucifer and Satan (depending on which attribute is identified with). Though still, your soul is not up for the taking. One pledges their life and devotion to these spirits and their cause and rebellious path which relects one's own. Once done they are taken under the proverbial wings of the spirit and protected, their life lifted up in all ways. I am pleased to offer these rites.

Book Now To Change Your Life !

~ $247.00