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"These fallen angels, these 'Divided Ones' will gladly work with the black magician to help pull them away from the Godhead and the singularity of true death that is to be experienced by accepting the self-annihilating path of cosmic unity and absorption. Rather, the Thaumiel seek to scour the burrowing dogmatic maggots of religion and submission from off the proverbial skin of the black magician, freeing them of the chains that have bound their minds and hearts to a dying end. These fallen ones are of the mightiest of all Qliphothic demons, as they were the first to experience the 'Otherness' of the Sitra Ahra."

~ Written By, S. Ben Qayin

~ Art By. Carlos Andres Pyreficativm

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"Qliphoth are the hidden fruit of consciousness on the Tree of Knowledge, under the sinister seed called Daath, which is the Un-Sephiroth. The primal tree of Chaos is a system in which the Brotherhood of the Black Serpent rise, reflecting it’s spectrum through the use of Qliphothic magick in each one of the explorations explained here. It is known that the Qliphoth are of the highest principles of shadow nature hidden under Daath. They are arcane symbols veiled in mysterious chaotic principles and are as an evocative sacrament. Under the powers of this sacred knowledge, we to learn to explore vast obscure regions of our consciousness, where we can be connected with Spirits and Arch Demons. This is done through proper initiation into the Qliphothic mysteries. Finally, we shall manifest our seeds of immortality under the throne of Thaumiel and be self-crowned in the veil of its ineffable powers.

~ Written By, Edgar Kerval

~ Introduction By, Asenath Mason

~ Art By, Sean Woodward 

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​​"The Queen of Skulls
and the Garden of the Shadows"​​
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Coming 2019 !
This is a dark journey on the path of the 'Red God's', inter-dimensional Lovecraftian/Qliphothic entities that dwell within the abyss of sheer madness...

Raise The Dark Spirits:








Explore the depths of the shadows through Invocation, Deep Ritual, Black Meditations and much more...

~ Written By, Edgar Kerval

~ Art By, Michael Gallant

​Coming Spring 2019 !

This compelling work looks at the world of magic from the personal perspective of Sorsha Runarius, Sorceress and Mage of Chaos Magic. 

Journey with her though joys, struggles, victories and defeats that all magicians must go through on the path to finding themselves, by diving into the Void and emerging to discover personal freedom and gnosis.

Contains powerful rites, ceremonies, evocations and invocations that have been tried and tested with amazing result...

~ Writtrn By, Sorsha Runarius

~ Art By, Von Kurt 

Coming Summer 2019 !