~ Kari Darkstar ~ 


I am an eclectic dark sorceress and teacher of the ancient magical paths, and use all my spiritual gifts to help teach and stir others along the path of the powerful Dark Ancients.

My connection with the Ancients started as a young child with the Tian, the Ancients of the Sky revealed their ways to me through developing my sensitivity to spirits. I realized very young, that we are spiritual beings in fleshly vessels.

I have studied many religions for the purposes of understanding how mankind connects with them, but the spiritual path I’ve chosen of indwelling, has allowed me to experience the Dark Ancients with an intimacy and passion that inspires me to share all they’ve imparted within me.

For the strongest magical results possible, I personally work with my five demonic anchors, 'Belial', 'Hecate', 'Lucifer', 'Lilith' and 'Amaymon' in the arts of Channeling and Divination, as well as practice Spitual Warfare and Chaos Magic in general.

I am pleased to offer my magical assistance to you, please check out my services listed below ! 


​Video Chat Consultations... ​​
I offer one hour, one on one video consultations where all magical subjects are on the table for discussion. Techniques, philosophies and all manner of occult topics are open to speak of freely. Video consultations are held through Zoom Conferencing. I look forward to speaking with you !

​~ $147.00


​​Killer Of Fear Ritual... ​​
What great force can make a man petrified, brng him to his knees and cease all forward momentum?
What spirits can cause a man to destroy even himself?


It is a strong subject matter examined by many authors and found in within books throughout every age and culture - Fear is so powerful because man has yet to fully understand fear, and truly embrace the source of strength it truly is.

Fear manifests itself within one, when we face the great vast unknown - a desolate place where no clear vision can be found.

For it is within our own personal vision we act and navigate - however unless one has spiritual vision (the The Dark Ancients open your eyes), they are truly blinded and cannot face, nor overcome fear of their own in order to truly command it and weild the great power it has.

There are points of highly chaotic energy that have been impacted by mankind’s fears and traumas - I locate that passage to the root with the assistance of the Spirits of Fear - I help you face them, learn of them and conquer their impact over your life.

With this ritual we will explore your fears through spiritual divination and discuss what is revealed. I then isolate them with the help of Belial, and make them subject unto you, so you may overcome them, bind them, and send them away from your sphere of influence. We then create a strategic ​plan of upkeep to restrict those fears from hindering you on your path of spiritual ascent.

​~ $247.00
Parasitic Purge And Protection Ritual...

In nature there are parallels that are very relevant to describing spiritual conditions.

There are termites, carpenter ants and beetles that come to a tree regardless of the trees age or health, and invade to build their homes...they procreate more of themselves while feeding off the lifeforce of the tree from inside out. Eventually the vessel of the tree's life force will be consumed as they deteriorate that tree's ability to thrive.

There are such entities that exist that do the same to an individual. They feast off of emotions such as fear and depression to slowly weaken and destroy ones spiritual self, it is their soul/sole purpose.

In a spiritual principle it can be dual focused for you can protect your vessel from parasitic entities and avoid them, and one can even harness them for other workings later.

This ritual is two fold in that we take a close look at your spiritual condition and what attacks you are suffering from, from the standpoint of parasitic removal. We will be communing with Belial for this working.

Through the use of crystal divination we will look into places that these toxic draining spirits are hiding within your life and purge them with fire - then place a protection spell to repel future attacks and allow you to experience renewal.

​~ $247.00

Lilith's Ritual Of Momentum And Influence... 

Lilith is the focus of this enchanting influence spell which allows you to be imparted with attraction and influence, stirring your inner burning flame that will open the door of opportunity to careers, relationships and other points of focus to fulfill your deepest desires.

We will Commune with Lilith as I sculpt a ritual with your needs in mind and offer you any insights she shares during the consultation, preparation and execution of this ritual.

With written intent on a scroll and words of direction this encounter will help Lilith inspire your charisma and charms, allow you to have the confidence and command you seek.

For those needing your internal spiritual flame rekindled at lit, Lilith is the one to set those passions

​~ $247.00