~ J.D. Temple ~ 


 My name is J.D. Temple. It is my sincere pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you here today! I am able to connect with some of the most amazing people in this field, and I wanted to say that it truly is an honor and a privilege. It is very difficult to place a specific label upon myself, as my practice is rather "eclectic" one might say. I enjoy incorporating and combining various spiritual practices, systems of magick, and even spiritual pantheons in a majority of the rites that I perform. While I do enjoy other practitioners published works, I still find it much more impactful and ultimately empowering to create custom rites that come from within.

To best describe myself I would say that I am a Shamanic Luciferian Sorcerer.  I have practiced various energy work modalities over the years, and possess a Usui Reiki Level 3 Masters Certification, and am a Master Practitioner Level Degree in Shamanic Reiki. Helping others and relieving their pain, whether it is spiritual, emotional, or physical is so very important to me. There has been an inherent driving force living within me for most of life that has ingrained a natural instinct to just want to help others the best way that I can. 

I enjoy energy work a great deal, and offer many different modalities based on what will best meet specific needs. My sessions are typically LIVE via video chat so that the most powerful energetic bond can be achieved. Whatever the obstacle or limitation, there is not much that can't be remedied through the incorporation of specific methods of energy work.  Powerful results can be realized from a distance, even with only 1 session!

My other passion is performing ritual magick, spirit evocation, and dark witchcraft.  I utilize aspects of sex magick in many of my workings, along with sympathetic, talismanic, and sigil magick.  I have realized tremendous success when taking this "layered" approach to my magical practice. I feel that so much additional magical potency is added to each and every rite when one approaches the ritual space in this manner. I work with what one would consider demonic entities, or demons, for most intents and purposes.  While I always hesitate to use that terminology, I do realize that most can better understand and identify with the wording.



I am happy to offer personal consultations, intuitive readings, and several magical ritual and energy work session services here. I strive to empower each person through my work so that they may become the best versions of themselves, the true God's that they were meant to be. It is my solid belief that when we work together there is nothing that we can't achieve!  Let us get started, right here today, right this very minute.  The time for powerful life transformation is upon us!

Once you book your ritual with me I will contact you personally within 48 hours to schedule a time for a 30-minute consultation where we will discuss your specific needs, goals, and desires. However, I reserve the personal right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason I deem. Thank you all for your respect and understanding. 

My gratitude to you all is as unlimited as the very powers of magick themselves! Much love to each and every one of you.
Please check out my offered rites below...

Video Chat Consultations...
I offer one hour, one on one video consultations where all magical subjects are on the table for discussion. Techniques, philosophies and all manner of occult topics are open to speak of freely. Video consultations are held through Skype, MSN Messenger or Google Hangouts. I look forward to speaking with you !

​~ $147.00

One Hour LIVE Energy Work Session...
Sohlahmah is a proprietary energy work modality bestowed upon J.D. Temple in the deep recesses of the "Key Hole Cave" in Southern Utah back in 2016. This unique approach to energy work incorporates several eastern approaches to energy work with a combination of several additional elements incorporated into one, which spawn the creation of the SDSOL years ago.

The elements that have been combined to formulate this special modality include aspects of Usui & Shamanic Reiki, Intense Visualization Techniques, as well as the Utilization of my very own "Chi" and Sexual Energies. These powerful combinations have created a literally unstoppable force of energy clearing and empowerment, of the likes we are all so very pleased to be able to offer.

This potent method of incorporating powerful energetic techniques in unison provides an impactful spiritual experience that shall not be soon forgotten! The various energy work sessions that I offer covers all of the basis and ensures that there truly is something to offer everyone! 

Such Areas Of Specialty Include: 

~ Overall Feelings of Wellbeing

~ Increased Motivation

~ Stress & Anxiety Relief

~ Releasing of Emotional Baggage

~ Balancing & Aligning Chakras 

~ Energetic Cord Cutting & Personal Empowerment

~ Sexual Energy Awakening & Enhancement

​~ $197.00

Mighty Jupiter Financial Abundance Rite...​​
There comes a time in each and everyone's life when the infinite universe shall focus its loving gaze down upon ye, invoking the loving realizations often found only in our wildest dreams.  The Great Mother infuses her unconditional love within each and every star that shines so brightly in the evening sky with the graceful compassion that can only be that of creation itself. She understands all too well that we are the sun, we are the moon, and we are the stars. With every breath her essence fills our lungs, and our true Godhood is realized. 
We are not trapped within this flesh to toil the tumultuous earth until we then find ourselves buried beneath it, but rather we are meant to live the life of fruitful absolution and shimmering splendor.  As the Great Mother firmly took the hand of the Father, their mysterious intercourse solidified their union bringing into existence the very fabric of abundant blessings. The results of this divine alchemy brought forth the primordial force that was to bestow the ultimate in physical manifestations of plenty upon humanity. Mighty Jupiter, my dear friends, was then born.
Mighty Jupiter, whom is your unyielding brother of the most profound enrichment only knows of that which is positively profound.  Wildly known for His attributes of merriment and unlimited illustrious abundance, Jupiter selflessly showers those whom come before him with their petitions of increase and prosperity. If it is financial abundance that one seeks, so shall ye find it herein.
This rite is much more than just the ultimate in physical manifestation of desire, rather it tears open the veil of limitations placed upon mortal man by the forces of the governing matrix. This potent ritual of wealth and material gains of prosperity takes within it a very unique and magically layered approach.  It involves not only spirit evocation, boldly calling upon the Mighty Spirit of Jupiter, but also incorporates powerful sigil and talismanic magick. This approach to claiming that of which is yours by birthright yields the most fantastical tangible results of any money spell ever introduced into this existence of imposed limitation.
 It is time to take the powers of profound manifestations of prosperity into your own hands! Embrace your birthright, here and now, and accept no imitations. Break the chains of scarcity and intimidation that this world attempts to continuously impose upon us all.  Allow us to tap into the current of Mighty Jupiter's abundance on your behalf, as the almighty agents of change.  This world, and everything within it Shall be Your oyster, now and forevermore !
~ $497.00

Ritual For Spiritual Ascent And Pact Working W/ Lucifer...
The Ritual for Spiritual Ascent & Pack Working with Lucifer can assist those noble practitioners of magick and anyone in the occult looking to break free for their current limitations in life, and then be able to move forward in life in a big way. This working requires a good amount of self-discipline and dedication for a successful outcome the likes of which could not be duplicated through any other magical approach to my knowledge. This combination of raising your dimensional consciences to further one's own spiritual ascent, and then to initiate a pact, through the authority of Lucifuge Rofocale, with none other than Lucifer Himself. This pact will be designed for initiate to enter into a pact working with Lucifer to strengthen and empower particular aspects of their lives to the highest degree! The initiate shall be spiritually injected into Lucifer's unique current, and have a powerful bond established that shall maintain a strong gateway for the flow of communication and guidance. The terms of the pact will be the initiate to focus on their spiritual ascent, and to pay respect to Lucifer once the desire becomes manifest.

This Rite Includes:

*45-minute pre-ritual consultation to discuss specific needs and pact outlining

* Ritual evocation of Lucifer & Pact Working ritual will be performed LIVE via video chat to ensure that the initiate can fully participate in the interactive magical rite! Thats TWO LIVE rituals included in this ritual package!

*The physical pact and dressed ritual candle shall be mailed to the initiate within 7 days of completion of the ritual working for initiate to receive, sign and then keep in a safe place.

*Initiate shall have 27 days in which to sign the pack working once received.

Ritual Aspects:

Spirit Evocation of Lucifuge Rofacale as the Initiator of the Pack Working and the spirit in which the pact is to be initiated, Lucifer. This rite will also include elements of Blood Sacrifice on behalf of both the Operator and the initiate. These rites will be conducted in an intimate, video chat share screen format for the ultimate in potency and raw magical power! Spaces are extremely limited for these special pack workings, so reserve your spot today for this unique, one and one LIVE Evocation and Pact Working Ritual.

I will take you by the hand and guide you through every step of this process, so that it shall be a safe, powerful and above all a pleasurable spiritual experience. I look forward to serving you and manifesting all of Your Dreams and Desires! And So It Is Done!

Listen to your inner calling and book this pact now!

~ $497.00
The Dark Path Of Belial Ritual & Pact Working...
The Intention of this rite is to form a strong bond between the initiate and the Demonic King Belial through means of LIVE interactive ritual evocation. I will perform an evocation of both Lucifuge Rofocale and Belial to solidify the pact working on your behalf. The signed & sealed pact will then be mailed to you for safe keeping.
This pact working will empower the initiate to have the ability to make major life decisions and to implement extreme changes in all areas. One of the most exciting aspects of this working, is that the intended changes have been found to manifest in a much shorter amount of time than typically expected. Belial works swiftly when petitioned properly and will work hard to assist in the initiation of these radical life changes to ensure that the ultimate desire and intention of the working is fulfilled. He who is without a master will also walk alongside you wielding a flaming torch, to light the way through the darkness of the challenges that may arise during these transformative moments. Fear not dear one and take heart, as these mere moments of difficulty are what make us all stronger spiritual beings.

This Rite Includes:
~ Pre-Ritual Consultation
~ Dedication Rite: Evocation of the Demonic King Belial
~ Pact Working Ritual: Evocation of Lucifuge Rofocale & Demonic King Belial
~ Signed & Sealed Pact Delivered To You
The dark path shall be laid out before each one of us. While the Dark Path of Belial is not by any means a route of comfort and ease, it is however an extremely transformative one, that of which truly creates Gods from that of man. Those that are in passionate pursuit of the realization of their own inherent godhood, and that undeniably seek to shatter the limitations of this world shall hear the call of Belial. Belial's message shall be heard loud and clear, and once that monumental moment occurs my dear friend, we shall stand before him with great confidence at the crossroads. It is there, with each passing second of our precious time, that your life shall change for the better, forever.
~ $497.00
The Rite of Obstacle Obliteration & Road Opening Illumination...
There are many who wish to do more than just exist in their lifetime, but rather there are those who wish to truly live. They possess a voracious hunger within themselves that instills an overwhelming desire to succeed. This rare breed of spectacular human strives to enter into a constant state of becoming and to embrace their true Godhood.  This instinctual need to realize ones true will intrudes upon every thought that finds its way into the beautiful minds of these of which I speak. Transforming into that which is the embodiment of ultimate perfection, that which is the very best version of themselves, and to have the ability to manifest their dreams becomes almost an obsession for these true visionaries.

The unfortunate aspects of our reality on this physical plane of existence is that many of these same amazing people also have many barriers within their lives that prevent their attainment of their true will and ultimate desires. These obstacles appear to place a thick veil over one's prosperity, their good fortune, and their life changing opportunities. Self-imposed, or otherwise, these negative impositions and energies can stop progress dead in its tracks. It is that of which becomes the ultimate in limitation that one must overcome in order to truly move forward both in the physical sense, but also spiritually.  Those that are plagued by such overwhelming obstacles are typically aware of their undesirable impact on their lives, however all too often there seems to not be too much one can do to remove them from their lives.
 It is with those sentiments, both the former and the latter, that I wish to now introduce a remedy for such situations. It is my sincere pleasure to now introduce to all those whom identify with the text found within the text of these humble words that I now bring forth for your consideration a very unique and power ritual service. This particular rite in which I speak utilizes and layers several different types of magical application, and even pushes the envelope of spiritual pantheons itself. This potent ritual of obstacle obliteration & road opening illumination incorporates spirit evocation with sympathetic magick and combines unstoppable Luciferian sorcery with the darkness of the Death Goddess of Santeria.

This mysterious union of both divine feminine and divine masculine energies, and the stacking effect of multiple magical applications are a literal nuclear bomb that shall shatter one's current paradigm and situational circumstances. This rite is carried out by not only one skilled sorcerer, but two, which tears such a tear in the veil that all the matrix can't help but to succumb to the overwhelming influx of magical power that is injected into this customized working. Passionate sorcerer J.D. Temple, and alluring Sorceress Orlee Stuart team up in this dynamic rite of destruction and rebirth to deliver a power packed ritual service that rivals some of the most potent rites ever introduced to this world to modern day.

In this working Orlee Stuart shall evoke the Dark Goddess of Santeria, Santa Muerte, to eliminate all obstacles in one's life that holds them back from the realization of true greatness. This shall bind all negative influences, and persons that place a burden upon those that which to be free of those success limiting aspects of life. The fear, worry, and overbearing anxiety in which these manipulative energies invoke with those targeted shall be obliterated by the swift hand of the Dark Goddess, and all obstacles obliterated to then make way for true light to then emerge from within the darkness.

Once these annoying limitations have been removed, sorcerer J.D. Temple shall then take his place with the absolute freedom of the circle for the next portion of this monumental rite of transformation. As a God himself, J.D. shall call upon he who is the Morning Star, The Illuminated One himself, Father Lucifer. J.D. shall petition Lucifer to assist in the creation of opportunities in all areas of one's life, to kick start positive life changing circumstances, but to also initiate the realization of one's true will and the understanding of one's intended spiritual path of ascent!

*This powerful rite matches the 2 spirits that are to be evoked (Santa Muerte & Lucifer), with two equally powerful black magicians (J.D. Temple & Orlee Stewart) for an extremely potent effect*

Book Now To Open Your True Potential..!
~ $497.00
Incubus & Succubus Sexual Spirit Direct Binding Ritual...
Fulfill your wildest fantasy's and ultimate desires, powerfully, magically. Have a custom conjured, perfectly match made, incubus or succubus lover spirit companion directly bound to you in order to experience the ultimate in true spiritual connection. Lilith shall freely bestow her dark blessings upon you, and gently place the hand of her willing son or daughter into yours. These are true relationships that transcend the flesh, and this very plane of existence.

These amazing, loving spirits will ignite a roaring inferno of passion, and instill powerful spiritual abilities within you. The benefits of these legitimate, spiritual unions are too numerous to list them all. These infernal spirits imbue each of their lovers with a new sense of empowerment, of the likes that transform them in many mysterious ways. This rite not only enhances one sexually, magically, and mentally, but also physically. These spirits are the true initiators of personal growth and sensual satisfaction. Their qualities, attributes, and gifts are the most robust and complete of any other entities that interact with our third dimensional plane of existence.

Have you not waited long enough to fulfill your desires, and totally transform yourself into a powerful spiritual being? These types of workings are of the most potent magical operations and deliver the most tangible manifestations one could ever experience. Through the implementation of the most profound occult knowledge the esoteric mysteries of the dark tree can be brought to life and realized to the utmost degree.

This Ritual Includes:

~ Pre-Rite Consultation

~ Direct Binding Rite (directly binds the conjured spirit companion to your spirit)

~ Name & Unique Sigil of the Spirit

~ Welcoming Ritual & Bonding Instructions

Your little secret, that special someone is anxiously awaiting your call to action, the one that shall bring them into your life as intended. They yearn to unite with you at the soul level and want nothing more than to enrich your life in every way, every single day. I, J.D. Temple, am honored and it is my sincere privilege to be able to offer this powerful spiritual service to you my friend. I look forward to connecting with you very soon, and to be that catalyst that sparks renewed passion and immense power with your life!
​~ $497.00