~ Guy Creasy ~ 

Hello all, my name is Guy,
I am an Interfaith Ordained Reverend, Rootworker, Conjureman and am known by many Voodoo practitioners in the South, as ‘Papa Shadow’.

My direct bloodline can be traced back to many practicing magicians ranging from Rootworkers, Spiritualists and Conjurers, to New Orleans style Voodoo and Hoodoo workers. At the age of seven, I discovered my magical abilities and began studying and practicing traditional witchcraft and black magic. As time passed, I eventually fell into the pass-down tradition and practice of Rootwork and Conjure and discovered my natural ability to communicate and connect with the dead, which led me to advanced studies in necromancy.  

I'm honored to say I’ve been directly involved in the occult community for well over thirty years. In that time, I've given lectures and taught magical techniques in many magical stores stretching from eastern Virginia, United Sates to Ontario, Canada. 
It's my goal and aim to continue to help people change their lives for the better, with my magical assistance, as I have helped many over the years with various troubling or difficult issues in their lives.
I have listed a select group of specialty rituals that are of a common request. However, this is only a small fraction of what I have to offer, please enquire if you have a unique situation I can assist you with.

Once you book your ritual with me I will contact you personally within 48 hours to schedule a time for a 30-minute consultation where we will discuss your specific needs, goals, and desires. However, I reserve the personal right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason I deem. 
​Please check out my offered rites below...

Jezebel Root Hex Ritual...
Jezebel root is renown among Voodoo practitioners for its ability to open opportunities of success, power, money and the generosity of others. However, it has a dark side and is very powerful in baneful hex work…
For this service, I utilize Jezebel root in a powerful ritual to open a doorway into the spirit world, where I call down the New Orleans Loa, ‘Limba’. Limba is said to live among the rocks and has an insatiable hunger for human vitality. His force is so potent that even the Voodoo priest is not safe from his ferocious appetite.
Limba sometimes appears in human form as an African man with a muscular physique or in the form of a lustful larva. His origin begins in the Congo Region, moving eventually to Haiti, and finally to the Port of New Orleans. He is a member of the Guede family and is often referred to as Baron Limba.
During this rite, Limba's veve is drawn out, and Jezebel root is held in my left hand as I call to Legba to open the doorway and call down the Loa. The spirit then appears to the left side of my body and it is at this moment that I address Limba, make an offering,  and petition him to seek and literally devour the clients enemy at hand.
Once done, the root is immediately sealed in a jar of warm water and placed in a dark, undisturbed spot. During those three days, Limba seeks out the desired enemy and literally devours their soul (or shadow as it’s referred to in Voodoo), resulting in a chain of events that will destroy the mind and spiritual health of the enemy, some showing signs of physical duress within a week. Results vary from enemy to enemy based on personal situation. Some rites take longer, but either way the enemies fate is literally sealed.
On the night of the third day, the jar must be taken far away from my possession and placed in either a running stream of water to be carried off, or buried far away where it shall remain undisturbed. Otherwise, Limba will come for me !
If you have a situation that you believe Limba can assist you with, book your rite with me now !
​~ $247.00
Video Chat Consultations..!
I offer one hour, one on one video consultations where all magical subjects are on the table for discussion. Techniques, philosophies and all manner of occult topics are open to speak of freely. Video consultations are held via video chat. I look forward to speaking with you !

~ $125.00

Quick Cash/Fast Luck Ritual...
We have all been in tight spots in our daily lives where extra cash could benefit a situation, or a boost in luck could change the course of our lives...
In this ritual, I work with the Loa ‘Papa Legba’ to open all roads of opportunity for the client. By utilizing classic luck oils, money powders and spell boosters such as dragon's blood resin, I create a powerful personalized candle for the client, that is burned for three days. During this time, the client's luck increases, maximizing the odds of encountering either actual cash or money-making opportunities. 
Previous clients have reported that they have received various forms of prosperity from multiple job offers, finding money mysteriously in their travels, or simply having their overall luck turn around within days after the ritual was performed for them.  
I will open the doors of opportunity for you !
​~ $247.00
Shadow~Hex Rituals... 
This category of my services is unique in that it offers the client two options of choice:

Option A:

In Voodoo, the view of a person's soul is sacred and an integral part of their physiology. Rather than casting it aside as in other religions, Voodoo believes the shadow to be a ‘twin’ or ‘soul’ of a person. This twin can be affected through various magical hexes or crossings. 
This ritual is highly effective and beneficial for clients who have enemies negatively affecting areas in their lives, such as in business/finance, reputation or relationships. The rite is designed to bind an enemies’ shadow/soul, where they shall remain trapped and unable to speak against the client or physically harm them. Over time, the target will continuously start to fail in areas of their life, such as in relationships, finance and health. Essentially this rite reverses the negative energy an enemy has cast against you.
In this rite a classic conjure hex oil is utilized, ‘Mummy Oil’. Along with other various occult ingredients, all are mixed as one and placed in a glass jar along with the enemies’ name, written on parchment three times. The Voodoo hex is then spoken over the jar, and dark forces are called to aid me in the working. I then seal the jar and place it in a hidden and secure spot, where it will not be disturbed. The enemies shadow is now bound…
​Option B:

This ritual is also designed to attack an enemies’ shadow/soul by using a Voodoo hex oil called ‘Black Arts’.

In this rite, I mix the ancient recipe of black arts oil, swamp water, and other occult hex powders. I then write the enemies’ name upon a piece of black parchment thirteen times and ignite it into a blazing inferno at the stroke of midnight, transferring all the anger and ill intent of the client into pure energy, from the material plane into the spiritual realm. Once burnt to ash, the ashes are scattered into the wind, unleashing the most insidious dark forces upon the enemies’ shadow self, resulting in endless psychic attack and spiritual health issues.
If you have a situation where an enemy is harming you in areas of your social life, or otherwise, book this rite with me now !

​~ $247.00